Hit a Home Run: Your Doable Road Trip to America’s Best MLB Stadiums

road trip to best MLB stadiums

America’s pastime isn’t just about the game; it’s about the experience. Each Major League Baseball (MLB) stadium has its own unique allure, history, and local fare. So why not go on a doable road trip to take in the atmosphere at some of the best MLB parks in the country? Let’s map out your ultimate baseball journey.

1. Fenway Park, Boston

Begin your journey in Boston at the iconic Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox. This is the oldest MLB stadium, dating back to 1912, and it is filled with history and charm. Don’t forget to grab a Fenway Frank and take a look at the Green Monster, the park’s famed 37-foot tall left field wall.

2. Yankee Stadium, New York

Next stop: The Big Apple. The new Yankee Stadium might not have the long history of its predecessor, but it is still rich in tradition and grandeur. Enjoy some of the gourmet dining options and visit Monument Park to see tributes to Yankees’ greats.

3. Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia

A short drive south will get you to Philadelphia, where the Phillies play at Citizens Bank Park. Be sure to try some local Philly cheesesteaks. While the team’s performance can fluctuate, the atmosphere and fans’ passion are consistently top-notch.

4. Camden Yards, Baltimore

Your next stop is the Baltimore Orioles’ home at Camden Yards, widely hailed as one of the best ballparks in America. Its retro design harkens back to baseball’s golden age. Enjoy some Maryland crab cakes and the B&O Warehouse’s iconic backdrop.

5. PNC Park, Pittsburgh

Then it’s off to Pittsburgh to visit PNC Park, home of the Pirates. Many fans rate PNC as the best park in baseball for its spectacular view of the Pittsburgh skyline and the Roberto Clemente Bridge. Grab a Primanti Bros sandwich and take in the sights.

6. Wrigley Field, Chicago

The penultimate stop on your tour is Chicago’s Wrigley Field. It’s another historic park (second oldest after Fenway) that will transport you back in time. The ivy-covered outfield walls are a sight to see, and make sure to try a Chicago-style hot dog.

7. Busch Stadium, St. Louis

Finish your trip in St. Louis at the Cardinals’ Busch Stadium. The view of the Gateway Arch beyond the outfield is breathtaking, and you can’t leave without trying some St. Louis-style BBQ ribs.

This trip can easily fit into a couple of weeks, and it covers seven of the most iconic stadiums in MLB. It’s a must-do journey for every baseball fan, taking you through the heart of America and offering an unforgettable glimpse into the soul of the sport. So pack your gear, ready your playlist, and embark on a baseball road trip of a lifetime.